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Taylor Ferns, at 26 years old, is an accomplished racecar driver, second-year law student, and Operations at The Sam Bernstein Law Firm. Throughout her 20-year racing tenure, she has won numerous races, championships, awards, and set records that do not only pertain to her gender, in a diverse portfolio of racecars, and on varying race surfaces. As a United States Auto Club (USAC) champion, Taylor has carved a name for herself within the open-wheel ranks including, but not limited to, being the youngest female driver to win a sprint car race, becoming the first female to win USAC midget and sprint car races at a multitude of racetracks, being the second female to ever win a USAC championship, having the most USAC Silver Crown starts by a female, and having the highest finish by a female in USAC’s 51-year Silver Crown history. The latter record she intends to break by winning.

Aside from some of her motorsport’s accomplishments, Taylor has gone on to pursue academia by attaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics from Grand Valley State University where she graduated cum laude, a Master of Business Administration from Wayne State University, and is currently enrolled at Wayne State University Law School. Since 2018, Taylor has worked at The Sam Bernstein Law Firm in an Operations role where she has dedicated her time to elevating her position by applying a lot of what was instilled in her at a young age: grit, persistence, and vivaciousness. To add, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is the primary sponsor of her racecars.


Over the years, Taylor’s perspective of the motorsport’s world, and her placement in it, has evolved. She now recognizes the power and greater meaning behind being a female in a male-dominated trade. With that, she has made it a personal mission to give back to a sport she is so passionate about by mentoring younger girls interested in racing. Taylor is also an active member of Women in Motorsports North America and regularly takes part in professional speaking engagements regarding women in racing.

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